Welcome to the Slaven Genealogy Exchange! Our purpose is to be a central location to collect and exchange information for Slaven, Slevin, Slavin, Slavey, and other surname variations. As a registered one-name study, the scope of this exchange is world wide. We hope there's something here for the beginning genealogist, the old hand, and the merely curious!
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What's new?!

Now that the holidays are over I hope to get a new blog post out there-- featuring another genealogist's research into a turn of the (19th) century ancestor. I'm also puzzling out how to expand the DNA project to encompass autosomal DNA tests, like Family Tree DNA's Family Finder, 23andMe's DNA Relatives, and AncestryDNA.

I have added a few new stories and obituaries and death notices on their respective page.

Older news...
Finally have that new blog post finished and posted. It looks at the question whether James and Benjamin Slavens, sons of Isaiah Slavens, may have been twins. I have also added a few new stories to the "in the news" section. And I should also get another blog post up this weekend-- information shared by a researcher on a turn of the (19th) century ancestor!

I welcome guest submissions to the slavens.net blog. They would need to be generally genealogy related. Maybe you have a research problem that you'd like to detail, laying out the sources you've checked, the discrepancies you've found, your thoughts on what may be missing. For example, I intend to get a blog post together discussing whether Isaiah Slavens is buried at Union Chapel, where his marker is, or at Brick Chapel, in Putnam County, Indiana. Maybe you've had a family reunion that brought together unknown cousins, or you've visited an old family cemetery or homestead. Contact me with your ideas. Thanks! And contributions for other parts of the web site-- photos, bios, obituaries, etc.-- are always welcome as well!

About this site

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Because the site is an outgrowth of my personal research, it's tilted towards the Slavens surname. But that's easily fixed-- contribute your Slavin, Slevin, etc. data for the site! Here are some of the types of information that you can share:

Census transcriptions Census returns can be a gold mine of information for both the beginning and the experienced researcher, but many people don't have easy access to films. Finding your family in a transcription here makes requesting a film or a lookup much more worthwhile, so won't you share? We need people who have access to their state's Soundex indexes and are willing to transcribe the Slaven(s), Slavin, Slevin, etc. entries! It's S415 and you'll see about 20 Sullivans for each Slaven.

Biographies and reminiscences Share the bios from county history books, reminiscences from ancestors, old family letters, your own memories, the family history that was written for a reunion decades ago...

Obituaries Transcriptions of obituaries and death notices.

Photographs Share family photos, or photos of grave sites. Photos continue to be the most popular items on the site.

Links Do you have or know of a family-related site? Does a GenWeb county site offer information on a branch of the family? Share it here!

Other help! Other information that doesn't fit the categories above is also welcome.

All corrections, suggestions, criticisms, etc. are welcome too! Be sure to put Slaven, Slavin, and something meaningful in the subject line-- I get tons of spam so an email with no subject or "Hi!" will probably be deleted unread!

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I'm a software engineer for a company in the Des Moines suburbs. Besides genealogy, I'm also involved with collie rescue. I'd love to spend much more time working on this website but until retirement in 5 years or a lottery jackpot win, it's going to have to remain a hobby.
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