Slaven Cousins DNA Registry.

A Listing of Slaven(s), Slavin, Slevin, etc. Descendants Who Have Taken An Autosomal DNA Test.

The original Slaven DNA Project is a Y-DNA testing project, which only identifies a man's direct-line male ancestry by looking only at the donor's Y-chromosome. When the project was established in 2002, the Y-DNA test was THE genealogical DNA test. Since that time autosomal DNA testing-- which tests portions of all 23 pairs of chromosomes, which comes from both parents, all four grandparents, etc.-- has come into its own.

Autosomal DNA tests can be valuable in identifying distant cousin, suspected family connections, and the like. And best of all, they're not limited to direct male-line ancestry-- so if your great-grandmother was a Slavin but you don't know her parents or siblings, an autosomal test may help you identify potential family lines. Here's some general info on autosomal testing.

People who have taken an autosomal DNA test from one of the three major testing companies (Family Tree DNA, Ancestry, or 23andMe) and are interested in making connections with their "cousins" are listed below. About the fields in the table:

If you have had an autosomal DNA test and would like to be added to the project, please email me with the information. Name and email address are optional but encouraged, so that relatives may contact you, and of course, if you haven't uploaded your results to GEDmatch, you won't have an ID. I encourage everyone to share their results on GEDmatch, so that relatives who tested with a different company can compare results with you. GEDmatch also has other tools not available from the testing companies.

Name or handle Testing
Larry Slavens FTDNA T184298 John Slaven (6g) b. ca. 1723 County Tyrone, (Northern) Ireland; Isaiah Slavens (5g) b. 1762 Augusta Co. VA; James Slavens (4g) b. ca. 1807 Montgomery Co. KY; William Slavens (3g) b. ca. 1847 Hendricks Co. IN.
Larry Slavens 23andMe M175046 See above.
Larry Slavens Ancestry A473194 See above.
Mary Slavin Ancestry A818773 John Slevin (2nd ggrandfather) d.1880, Dromore, County Tyrone, Ireland (known as "John The Latiner"); Michael Slevin (ggrandfather) b. 1839 Polfore, Dromore, Tyrone d. 1892 Lowell, Massachusetts, USA; Michael James Slevin (grandfather) b. 1878 Kildrum, Dromore, Tyrone d. 1946 Lowell, Massachusetts, USA
MDS Ancestry A093898 See above.
PGS Ancestry A570468 See above.
PNS Ancestry A377522 See above.
T.B.S. Ancestry A538039 See above.
VJS Ancestry A949351 See above.
V.A.B. Ancestry A445225 See above.
JRB Ancestry A836762 See above.
JP Ancestry A824866 See above.

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