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The Luther J. Slavens book.

In 1929, Luther J. Slavens self-published a book "for the information especially of our children and grandchildren... as well as other relatives who may read it." The link above will take you a "Table of Contents" where you'll be able to go directly to each chapter by clicking on the chapter title. Thanks to Joe Slavens for supplying a copy of the book, and to John Adams for supplying and typing the appendices.
Slavens Chapel History.
While it's not exactly a biography, this seemed like a fitting place for a history of Slavens Chapel, near Hawk Point, Lincoln County, Missouri. Thanks to Ray Slavens for this clipping. A listing for the cemetery can be found on the cemetery page.
Royal E. Bray, Hamilton County, Kansas, 1918.
Bray was married to Martha Inge, daughter of Sophie Slavens Inge.
Mary Crockett, Riverside, California, 1930.
May we all be so spry at 80. Thanks to Mary Sue Austin for the transcription.
William Gammon, LaFayette County, Missouri, 1893.
Gammon was married to Elizabeth Slaven, daughter of Jacob G. and Eleanor (Lockridge) Slaven.
William Given, McHenry County, Illinois, 1885.
Given was married to Rachel B. Slaven, daughter of Stuart and Isabella Slaven.
Barton Hudkins, Ritchie County, WV, 1910.
Hudkins was married to Naomi Ingram, daughter of Abraham Ingram and Elizabeth Slavens (who was a daughter of "John Slaven of County Tyrone").
Slavin Family, Boston, Massachusetts.
Exracts from O'Hart's pedigree and information on the descendants of Blyth Slavin, who came to Boston from Scotland in the mid-19th century.
McClure Family, Jackson County, Ohio, 1916.

Mentions of Margaret McClure-Charles Slavens family of Pike County.
Jessie Slavens Newkirk, Kansas City, 1941.
Profile of an early Kansas City doctor from a book of profiles aimed at teen readers.
William Slavens McNutt, 1951.
McNutt was a prolific writer in the 1920's and 30's. His mother was Jane Louisa "Lulie" Slavens, daughter of Luther C. Slavens.
Patterson McNutt, 1951.
Patterson McNutt, William Slavens McNutt's brother, was also a writer and film producer.
Patterson McNutt, 1904.
Patterson McNutt was married to Louisa Slavens, daughter of Hiram B. Slavens.
James H. Slavan, 1925.

Slaven Family, Sauk County, Wisconsin, 1880.
Mentions of a Slaven family in the early history of Sauk County, Wisconsin, and a brief bio of John Slaven.
Emily Slaven, Glen Elder, Kansas, 1952.
Thanks to Sheri Vigil for this autobiography that has appeared in several publications over the years.
Harry Slaven, Harrisonburg, Virginia, 1943.

Henry B. and John W. Slaven, 1877.
Although their first names aren't mentioned, the San Francisco druggist is Henry B. Slaven, and his brother in Ontario in John W. Slaven. Further bios for both are below.
Henry B. Slaven, 1895.
The man behind the Slaven Fruit Salt trade cards and pioneer Panama Canal builder.
Henry B. Slaven, 1898.
A similar bio, but with an engraving.
James Slaven, Sauk County, Wisconsin, 1929.

John F. Slaven, Shelby County, Iowa, 1915.

John W. Slaven, Orillia, Ontario, 1888.

Jennie Bell Slaven, Pocahontas County, West Virginia, 1976.
Transcript of an interview conducted by Dr. Robert Alexander of Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia. A photo of Jennie can be found on a separate page. Jennie is also a part of a story on midwifery in West Virginia; see the link on the Links page.
newJ.W. Slaven, Orillia, Ontario, Canada, 1887.

Michael J. Slaven, Mower County, Minnesota, 1884.

Michael Slaven, Medway, Massachusetts, 1886.
Focusing on his Civil War service, but a couple nice genealogical tidbits are included.
Robert Slaven, Gibson County, Indiana, 1914.

Tom Slaven, Scotland/Australia, 1993.
A tribute to martial artist Tom Slaven, who was born in Scotland and emigrated to Australia.
T.H. Slaven, San Benito County, California, 1893.

William Slaven, Jackson County, West Virginia, 1915.

William W. Slaven, Jackson County, West Virginia, 1883.

Bertie Solomon Slavens, Indiana/Colorado, 1916.

Charles Slavens, Essex County, New Jersey, 1925.

Daniel Slavens, Hancock County, Tenneessee, 1887.
Just a mention.
Duke Slavens, Carlisle, Pennsylvania.
External link to Dickinson College website for a brief bio of Duke Slavens of Kentucky.
Ernest Slavens, Madison County, Iowa, 1915.

Fannie Slaven, What Cheer, Iowa, 1951.

George W. Slavens, Henry County, Missouri, 1883.

Col. Henry Slavens, Parke County, Indiana, 1880.

newH.G. Slavens, Woodson County, Kansas, 1920.

H.H. Slavens, Woodland, California, 1891.

James H. Slavens, Greene County, Missouri, 1883, and Dallas County, Missouri, 1954.

Jesse Slavens, Jasper County, Iowa, 1912.

John Slavens, Barton County, Missouri, 1889.

Dr. John Slavens, Putnam County, Indiana, 1879 & 1887.

Dr. John Slavens, Mercer County, Kentucky, 1919.
Slavens is misspelled as "Slavins" throughout the piece.
Libby Slavens Sanders, Montgomery County, Missouri, 1876.
Libby (Elizabeth) was the daughter of Stewart Slavens.
Joseph and Mary Slavens, Wayne County, Iowa, 1934.
In honor of the 90th anniversary of the opening of Appanoose County, Iowa, to settlement, the Centerville newspaper published a five-section commerative issued filled with history and reminiscences. They had so much material they ran additional stories each Saturday for several weeks. This was one of the "extra" stories.
J.W.L. Slavens, Kansas City, Missouri, 1877.

J.W.L. Slavens, Kansas City, Missouri, 1878.

J.W.L. Slavens, Kansas City, Missouri, 1908.

J.W.L. Slavens, Kansas City, Missouri, 1918.

Mrs. J.W.L. Slavens, Kansas City, Missouri, 1918.

Luther C. Slavens, Kansas City, Missouri, 1898.
Includes information on John Slavin and Isaiah Slavens.
Luther C. Slavens, Kansas City, Missouri, 1901.
Pretty similar to the previous, but some different details.
Luther C. Slavens, Kansas City, Missouri, 1902 & 1908.

Luther J. Slavens, Dallas County, Missouri, 1889.

Ollie B. Slavens, Indiana.

Oscar R. Slavens, Reno County, Kansas, 1917.

Reuben Slavens, Henry County, Missouri, 1883.

Sarah Settles Brown Slavens, Henry County, Missouri, 1934, 1939.

newSamuel J. Slavens, Detroit, Michigam, 1930.

(William) Stewart Slavens, Montgomery County, Missouri, 1878.

W.H. Slavens, Neosho Falls, Kansas, 1883.

Willis Slavens, Hendricks County, Indiana, 1885.

Z.L. Slavens, Dallas County, Missouri, 1889.
Zenas Ludolphus "Dolph" Slavens
The Slavin family of Lawrence, Massachusetts, 1855-1908.

Abraham Slavin, Springfield, Massachusetts, 1926.

Bob Slavin, minstrel, 1874-92.

Dennis Slavin, Waterbury, Connecticut, 1918.

Since we haven't had a DNA project member with roots in Queens County, Ireland (at least that we know of), we'd love to have a male descendant of this family line join the project!
Edward Slavin, Yakima County, Washington, 1904.

Frank C. Slavin, McHenry County, Illinois, 1922.

James H. Slavin, McHenry County, Illinois, 1877 and 1922.

John A. Slavin, Portland, Oregon, 1893.

John Slavin family, Pocahontas County, West Virginia, 1901.

John and Elizabeth Slavin, Highland County, Virginia, 1921 & 19(??).
An undated short history, much of which appears at the beginning of the F.L. Slaven book and other family histories. This one, though, has a couple additional bits I've not seen elsewhere.
John G. Slavin, McHenry County, Illinois, 1922.

Matthew Slavin, Los Angeles, California 1901.

Matthew Slavin, Pasadena, California 1915.

Michael Slavin, Passiac, New Jersey, 1922.

Neal Slavin, Photographer, 2004.

Thomas H. Slavin, Saratoga, New York, 1890.

William H. Slavin, Kings County, California, 1897.

Frances Slaven Williamson.
(This link is to a biography of early suffrage leader Frances Slaven Williamson at the Nevada Women's History Project site.)
Frank R. Sleavin, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1923.

Slevin Family of Dromore, County Tyrone, Ireland.
Genealogical information for a Slevin family in the Dromore area in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.
Fr. Charles T. Slevin, Yonkers, New York, 1889.

James Slevin, New York City, 1888.

James Slevin, Philadelphia/New York City, 1892.

James P. Slevin, St. Louis County, Missouri, 1920.

Fr. John J. Slevin, Sheildsville, Minnesota, 1940.

John Slevin, Lancaster, Ohio, 1898.

John H. Slevin, Wayne County, Michigan, 1939.

John Slevin, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1892.

Patrick S. Slevin, Toledo, Ohio, 1876.


The following Spears are Dennis Slaven and his descendants; Dennis adopted the name Duncan Spear following the death of his parents.

Duncan Spears, Ancaster, Ontario, Canada, 1908.

Duncan Speers, Ancaster, Ontario, Canada, 2007.

John Spear, Morrow County, Ohio, 1880.

Professor John S. Spear, Golconda, Illinois, 1893.

Monroe W. Spear, Cleveland, Ohio, 1921.

Dr. Ira Bates, Jones County, Iowa, 1879.

His first two wives may have been descendants of Duncan Spear.

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