Census Transcriptions.

As anyone who has worked with census listings can tell you, take any information in the census with a grain of salt. The originals are filled with misspellings and errors; when you add to that errors that might keep creep in because of scratched microfilm, nearly illegible handwriting, typos, etc., well... you'd be wise not to bet the farm that great-great-grandma Ethel was born in 1857 because she was 3 in the 1860 census (or that she spelled her name "Ethal").

(But don't just take my word for it; check what Donna Murray Allen has to say about census returns and surname spelling.)

If you find an ancestor or relative in these transcriptions, I'd recommend that you check the census microfilm yourself. There's additional information, such as (depending on the year) the relationship of everyone to the head of the household, everyone's birth month and year, whether the person could read, etc. Also, you may find other relatives or future spouses/inlaws living nearby. And you may have a different interpretation of the handwriting than that of the transcriber.

If you have corrections or comments concerning a listing, email me so it can be noted in the transcription.

Please share your transcriptions through this forum, so that they can benefit other researchers. Since it's difficult to trace female lines in our patriarchal society, please add notes to help connect these women with their families (i.e. "Nancy Dean was the daughter of James and Mary Slavens of Hendricks County, Indiana.")

Alabama   Miscellaneous
Alaska Territory   Miscellaneous
Arizona Territory   Miscellaneous
Arkansas 1900 Soundex1920 SoundexMiscellaneous
California 1900 Soundex 1920 SoundexMiscellaneous
Colorado    Miscellaneous
Connecticut    Miscellaneous
Delaware    Miscellaneous
District of Columbia    Miscellaneous
Florida    Miscellaneous
Illinois 1900 Soundex1920 SoundexMiscellaneous
Indiana 1900 Soundex1920 SoundexMiscellaneous
 Indiana Agricultural Censuses
Iowa1880 Soundex1900 Soundex1920 SoundexMiscellaneous
Kansas 1900 Soundex1920 SoundexMiscellaneous
Kentucky 1900 Soundex1920 SoundexMiscellaneous
Louisiana    Miscellaneous
Maine    Miscellaneous
Maryland    Miscellaneous
Massachusetts    Miscellaneous
Michigan1880 Soundex  Miscellaneous
Minnesota   Miscellaneous
Mississippi    Miscellaneous
Missouri1880 Soundex1900 Soundex1920 SoundexMiscellaneous
Montana   Miscellaneous
Nebraska 1900 Soundex1920 SoundexMiscellaneous
Nevada   Miscellaneous
New Hampshire   Miscellaneous
New Jersey   Miscellaneous
New Mexico   Miscellaneous
New York   Miscellaneous
North Carolina 1900 Soundex1920 SoundexMiscellaneous
North Dakota   Miscellaneous
Ohio 1900 Soundex1920 SoundexMiscellaneous
Oklahoma 1900 Soundex1920 SoundexMiscellaneous
Oregon 1900 Soundex1920 Soundex 
Pennsylvania    Miscellaneous
Rhode Island    Miscellaneous
Tennessee 1900 Soundex 1920 SoundexMiscellaneous
Texas 1900 Soundex1920 SoundexMiscellaneous
Utah 1900 Soundex Miscellaneous
Vermont 1900 Soundex Miscellaneous
Virginia 1900 Soundex1920 SoundexMiscellaneous
Washington 1900 Soundex1920 Soundex 
Wisconsin 1900 Soundex1920 SoundexMiscellaneous
West Virginia 1900 Soundex1920 SoundexMiscellaneous

If you have access to your states' Soundex indexes, would you please considering transcribing them for this site? Email me first so that we don't have two people duplicating efforts.

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