Slaven(s) in 1880 Missouri Soundex.

The following is a transcription of index cards bearing Slaven(s), Slavin(s), and similar surnames in the 1880 Federal Census Soundex for Missouri. The listing contains the head of household, township and county of residence with city if listed, and the index number on the first line, and any additonal household members listed on the card on the second line. The format of the index number is volume-enumeration district-sheet-line. Index numbers do not correspond to a page number, but should help you locate the family fairly quickly in a listing or on microfilm.

Spelling is how the transcriber interpreted the card, and knowing how misspellings are common in census enumerations, take all spellings with a grain of salt.

Name                       Residence                                   Index No.
Abner C. Slavins           Little River Twp., Pemiscot Co.             25-93-7-16
  Mary, Wm(?) H., Elijah P., Timothy, Rebecca J., Cora P.

Alma Gray Slavens, Mollie Slavens   Nebb Twp., Jasper Co.              17-73-18-6
  with uncle Sylvester Howe

August Slavine              Liberty Twp., Saline Co.                   30-68-36-12
  Catherine, Henry, Anna, Lowesa, Sophena, Sophrana, William

B Slavens                   Lincoln Twp., Dallas Co.                   10-21-12-22
  Martha, Laura, James, Segurney, Berchd(?), Vernon

Benj Slavens                Waldron Twp., Platte Co. (Waldron)         27-96-15-6
  Elizabeth, James H., Joseph M., Lucy J., Malcom E.

CB Slavens                  Bridge Twp., Ozark Co.                     25-109-12-20
  Eliza J., Charles O., Ethland(?), Lyman F.

Chas Slavens                Putnam Co. (Unionville)                    27-209-6-17
  Mary C., Albert L., Annie R., Maggie W., Minerva D.

D.F. Slavin                 Franklin Twp., Miller Co.                  23-104-17-32
  M.R., S.R., N.J., J.H.J., W.P. (J.A. and M.J. Beard)

Elizabeth Slavem            Grand Pass Twp., Saline Co.                30-59-3-7
  with brother-in-law Charles Weaver

Frank Slavin                Jasper Co. (Carterville)                   17-73-41-17
  Jane, Clarence

G. Slavens (Jr.?)           Bethlehem Twp., Henry Co.                  14-175-22-41
  Agnes J., John R., Susie E., Jana(?) G., Effie B., Nannie, Rebecca

Harve Slavens               Gurvoe Twp., Audrain Co.                   2-1-8-30
  Drucillia, Luther J., William G., Joseph B., Olie A., Phiorna, Mary E.

Henry Slaveing              St. Louis                                  33-98-18-17
  Willamina, Luise, Emma, Willdegard, Henry

Henry B. Slavens            Richwoods Twp., Miller Co.                 23-106-33-18
  Nancy J., Margaret J., Mahala E., John S., Naoma E., July A., Minnie M.

Henry C. Slaven             Dayton Twp., Cass Co.                      7-91-28-25
  Margaret E., Luella J., John, Sarah M., William T.

I.W. Slavens                Green Ridge Twp., Pettis Co.               26-112-12-33
  Louisa, Rawsel

J.W.L. Slavens              Westport Twp., Jackson Co.                 17-41-3-9
  Martha, Hiram C., Leander P., M??? L., Luther C., James, John H., Mary H., Francis W.

James Slavens               Marion Twp., Newton Co.                    24-98-29-27
  Elizabeth, Susan, Nancy, Nellie

James H. Slavens            Waldron Twp., Platte Co. (Waldron)         27-96-15-6
  Lucy J., Malcom (living with Benj Slavens)

Jessie Slaven               Blackwater Twp., Pettis Co.                26-123-6-5
  John, Jessie, Selestine, Edmonia, Edward, Florence, Naoma

John Slevin                 St. Louis                                  57-57-5-33
  Marg, Kittie, Margie, John, Annie, Jim

John Slavens                Hooker Twp., Laclaede Co.                  19-75-17-21
  Minerva, Annie

John Slavens                Bethlehem Twp., Henry Co.                  14-175-21-26
  Mollie P., Harry, Ella, Almy

John H. Slavin              Fabius Twp., Schuper Co.                   43-154-31-26
  Nancy, Wesley

John R. Slevin              St. Louis                                  31-21-38-29
  Margaret, Catherine, Mamie, John, Annie, James

Joseph Slaven               Sheridan Twp., Daviess Co.                 11-240-17-4
  Emma, Frank, John, Jennie

L.J. Slavens                Lincoln Twp., Dallas Co.                   10-21-19-23
  Josie, Joe R.

Lizzie Slaven               Adair Twp., Boone Co.                      5-13-6-4
  William, James Brroks, Mattie Brooks

Lucinda Slavin              Pettis Co., Adair Co. (Millard)            1-145-22-27
  Sarah M., Louisa, Louis, Emma, Maggie A., Nellie, Albert, Alta, Julia Pangburn,
  Jacob Pangburn

M.F. Slavens (Millard)      Union Twp., Jasper Co.                     17-63-14-44
  Clara M., Hester A., D.F., James Hitchcock, Tennessee Hitchcock, John Hitchcock

Mary Slaven                 St. Louis                                  36-155-41-6
  pupil at Sacred Heart Convent

Nancy Sloven                Union Twp., Duklin Co.                     11-41-15-1
  James C., Hiram, Jane, Alfred, George R.

Nancy J. Slavens            Pierce Twp., Texas Co.                     44-128-5-26
  Jospehine, Mary Grashen, Susan J. Grashen

Polk Slavens                Montgomery Co. (Montgomery)                24-111-3-6
  Annie, Lottie

Richard Slavin              Glennwood Twp., Schuyler Co.               43-158-10-24
  Susan, Dora A., Catherine, Maggie B., Marthena, Martha Ellen

Silas Slavens               Montgomery Co. (Montgomery)                24-111-12-24
  Emma, Molley, Bertha, Corey

Thomas Slevin               St. Louis                                  31-2-31-4
  Bridget, Ody, Thomas, Michael, Bridget

Wesley Slavens              Bedford Twp., Lincoln Co.                  20-87-4-32
  Nancy E., John W., Louis P., Nancy E., Martha M., Dora, Ida

William Slevin              St. Louis                                  34-127-45-29
  Bridget, James, Agnes Monahan

William N. Slavens          Hurrican Twp., Lincoln Co.                 20-90-46-36
  Nancy E., Wright A., Mary A., Ann L.

Z.L. Slavens                Lincoln Twp., Dallas Co.                   10-21-20-33
  I.Z., T.Z., M.I., R.B.

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