Loose estate files at the North Carolina Archives.

William Eslaven 1776.
Samuel Slavin 1781.

Tax Lists.

1759 Rowan County: William Slavin.
1778 Rowan County: Samuel Slavin - £166 - Cap't Reed's District.
1778 Rowan County: William Slavin - £468 - Cap't Nichol's District.
(from Abstracts of Wills and Estate Records of Rowan County, North Carolina
by Jo White Linn, privately published.)

Court of Common Pleas Minutes.

24 October 1755: Lease and release from Robert Tate to William Sleven for 300 acres.

19 October 1756: Lease and release from William Eslaven and wife Isable to John Luckie Jr. for 300 acres.

21 July 1758: William Aslavin served on a jury.

22 January 1761: Lease and release from James and Mary McManus to William Sleven for 640 acres.

21 October 1761: William Slavin served on a grand jury.

21 Jaunuary 1762: William Aslavin served on a jury.

21 April 1762: William Sleven served on a jury.

23 April 1762: William Asleven served on a jury.

13 January 1763: Will of William Aslavin proved by Alexr. Dobins.

16 January 1767: Ordered that William Aslavin, orphan of William Asslavin, dec'd, aged 13 years, be bound to Richard Graham, saddler, till he arrives at the age of 21. Graham is to give him at the expiration of this time a set of working tools and horse bridle and saddle to the value of 12 pounds and otherwise comply with the Act of Assembly in such cases. Also: Estate of William Asslavin, Andrew Allison and W. Lucky, executors. Debts paid 119 pounds 13 shillings and 5 pence, balance due 36 pounds 17 shillings 1 penny.

10 February 1775: Deed; William Slevin to Hugh Montgomery, 320 acres.

6 May 1775: John Slaven served on a jury.

8 May 1781: Noncupative will of Samuel Slaven proved and admitted to record. Thomas Pennery is the executor.

6 February 1782: Jean Slaven is to be examined re: deed from Will Slaven and ux. to Chr. Beekman.

8 May 1782: Deed proved: Will Slaven (saddler) and ux. Jean Slaven to Chr. Beekman, lot 33 in W Sq. 3 July 1779.

7 February 1786: Account of sale of peter Slavely filed.

9 February 1788: James Taylor vs. William Bell and William Slaven.

(from several volumes ofAbstracts of the Minutes of the Court of Common Please and Quarter Sessions of Rowan County, North Carolina by Jo White Linn, privately published.)


John Carson and Sarah Slaven, August 31, 1775, Robert Nevins, bondsman, David Flowers, witness.
Johnathan Leuling and Jean Slavin, August 20, 1816, Samuel Penery, bondsman, R. Powell, witness.
John Marlen and Mary Slavey, August 6, 1804, Daniel Clary bondsman, Ad. Osburn, witness.

from Marriages of Rowan County, North Carolina 1753-1868, compiled by Brent H. Holcomb, Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, 1986.


Deed book 12, page 589: Deed from Robert Slavy to David Cuthbertson, Jr.
Indenture made this 27th day of March 1786 between Robert Slavy of Mecklenberg County, and David Cuthbertson, Jr., of the same county, for and in consideration of the sum of one hundred and fifty pounds to him in hand paid by Cuthbertson, for a tract of land lying on both sides of Crooker Creek, including his own improvement, and containing two hundred and fifty-two acres.
Test: Samuel Smith, John Cutherbertson
Deed was proven in open court at the March term of 1786, and ordered to be registered. from Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, Deeds, Volume 3, October 1782-September 1786, Laura Willis, Simmons Historical Pubilications, Mayfield, Kentucky, 2000.

Abstract of Conveyances compiled from the records in the office of the Registrar of Deeds for Chown County, at Edenton, N.C.
William Powell, to John Robeson, 100 acres, part of a patent granted to Alexander Camrill, March 9, 1717-8, bought by Richard Slavin and given said Powell; October 8, 1734. Test, William Perry, Constance Luten, Will Tiner.
from North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Register. Volume 1. No. 1., J.R.B. Hathaway, editor and financial agent, Edenton, N.C., 1900.