Early Tennessee Records.


Campbell County: Henderson Sweat to Rebecca Slaven, October 15, 1848, James Litton, JP.

Claiborne County: Larken Vandevarter to Ony Slaven(?), April 5, 1842.

Greene County: Comfort Slavens to John Black, March 10, 1806.

Greene County: Comfort Slavens to William McCollough, November 22, 1806.


Claiborne County, Will Book A, page 136:
Estate of Daniel Slavens, deceased, William McCollough, administrator. Notes: Daniel McColough, 5 October 1834; Liza Ann Slavens and Daniel McCollough; Arch Cooper, 5 December 1827. Filed and recorded January term 1840.


Claiborne County, General Index to Deeds 1804-1865:
John Webster, grantor, Daniel Slavens, grantee, 1804, book B page 46.
Thomas Johnston, grantor, Daniel Slavins, grantee, 1819, book F page 269.

Land Grants.

Williamson County: Alexander Slaven, 1825, 22.75 acres in M district. Book 2, page 882, grant 1644.

Court Proceedings.

Claiborne County, Minutes, Quarterly Court:
Monday, October 15, 1834: "With leave of the court William McCollough was appointed to administer on all and singular the goods and chattels, rights and credits of Daniel Slavens, dec'd. Gave bond and security and was qualified."

Monday, March 16, 1835: "William McCollough, administrator of the estate of Daniel Slavens, dec'd, entered into open court the (I couldn't decipher enough of the rest of the entry for it to make sense, although it did appear that the phrase "amount of sale" was used.)

Monday, January 6, 1840: "A settlement of the Estate of Daniel Slavens, dec'd, made by the Clerk of the Court and William McCollough, administrator of said Estate, was examined by the Court and ordered to be filed and recorded.