Johnson County, Indiana Courthouse Records

Names are spelled as they appear in the indexes. In the birth record book, someone hand-wrote in some names; these will be shown in parenthesis.

Birth Records.

child                  father        mother maiden name        sex  date               book  page
Slaven (Osla)          Samuel        (Catherine)               F    March 25, 1905     H-6   24

Slavens (Charles)      Sam           Catherine Ferguson        M    July 15, 1910      H-7   56

Slavey, Charles        Noah          Daisy Sloan               M    April 12, 1915     H-8   38

Slavey, Edith Mae      William C.    Anna M. Pewler            F    July 11, 1917      CH-4  58

Slavey, Walter T.      Noah D.       Daisy Mae Sloan           M    March 8, 1916      H-8   59

Death Records.

name                   sex   age    date                location          book  page

Slevin, Annie M.       F     0      June 17, 1917       Blue Ridge Twp.   H-22  98

Slevin, Dora Fern      F     25     March 4, 1919       Blue Ridge Twp.   H-23  23

Slevin, Elthi          F     31     November 11, 1895   Ind.              H-17  17