Marriage Records
Montgomery County Courthouse, Montgomery City, Mo.

Slavens, Wm. S. to Mary L Seale, book 158, page 35

Slavens, Bettie F. to Salatheal See, book ill, page 215

Slavens, Alice B. to Singleton See, book 627, page 122

Slavens, B.F. to Lizzie Rice, book 2, page 142

Slavens, Roy Allen to Ellen Amelia Floyd, book 9, page 252

Slavens, A.P. (female) to L.W. Belsford, book 635, page 123

Slavens, Lena to Gordon Carryll Dunn, book 9, page 161

Slavens, Amelia to Samuel Gilbert, book 9, page 142

Slavens, Myrtle to Duke Taylor, book 7, page 112

Slavens, Eliza J. to Richard L. Day, book 1, page 107, April 10, 1872, Montgomery County, Missouri

Slavens, Martha A. to Wm. E. Godwin, book 1, page 45, Nov. 26, 1867, Montgomery County, Missouri

Gibson, Tony to Bernice Butler, book 7, page 292

Enslen, Frances to Joseph B. Langford, book 9, page 194

Elsberry, Robert E. to Epsie A. Porter, book 5, page 139

Ellsberry, Virginia to William Riddle, book 2, page 344