Parke County, Indiana Courthouse Records

In description, location is given in section-township-range format. All persons named were listed as residents of Parke County, Indiana, unless otherwise noted. Names are spelled as they appear in the indexes.

Marriage Records.

John N. Slavens        Lucinda Seward       Scott Noel, JP          August 24, 1876

James E. Hesler        Martha Slavens       Rev. Wm. Cummings       July 29, 1862

William D. Gault       Sarah J. Slavens     Robert Irwin, m.g.      October 5, 1866

Haney Seward           Hester A. Slavens    D.S. Kalley, m.g.       January 28, 1872

William J. Alexander   Luda A. Slavens      Rev. D. Shonkwiler      November 3, 1892

The following records are from an index compiled by the D.A.R.

Henry Slavens          Jane M. Smock                                December 8, 1840

John Slavens           Sarah Warden                                 May 22, 1842

Reuben Slavens         Martha Inge                                  October 5, 1848

Charles W. Slavens     Martha Jane Carmichael  James Noble, JP      May 31, 1860

Death Records.

Martha J. Slavens      65    September 27, 1900  Union Twp.

Willis Slavens         71    March 15, 1892      Union Twp.