Early Spotsylvania County, Virginia Records

Slave Owners Spotsylvania County 1783

Norct Slaven 1
Jessee Slaven 1

Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. 4, published quarterly by the Virginia Historical Society for the year ending June 1897.

DEED BOOK J - 1774-1782

Note: Date at the end of the listing is the date the deed was recorded.

May 1, 1777. Jno. Thos, Gwillim, apprentices himself to James Wallace of Fredericksburg, Shoe Maker. Witnesses, Wm. Jenkins, Jas. x Slaven. May 15, 1777.

April 11, 1778. John Hasalgrove of Fredericksburg and Frances, his wife, to Jesse Slaven of Spotsylvania County £1000. Lot 53 in town of Fredericksburg, purchased of Richard Brooke, etc. Witnesses, B. Johnston, John Richards, Jno. Jarvis. February 18, 1779.

November. 21, 1778. Matthew Gale and Joseph Gale, sons of Matthew Gale, late of Spotsylvania County, deceased., and Executors of the said Matthew's will; and Mary Gale, wife of Matthew Gale, and Rachael Gale, wife of Joseph Gale, etc., to Wm. Craighill of County aforesaid £600 curr. 300 a. in Spotsylvania County, purchased by the said Matthew Gale, Decd., of Ambrose Grayson (and by the said Gale, in his last will and testament, dated January. 12, 1772, devised to his sons, the said Matthew and Joseph), as by deeds, May 1, 1773, etc. Witnesses, Jessey Slaven, Nathaniel. Craighill, Jas. Frazer, B. Johnston, Wm. Wood, Wm. Richards, Jno. Frazer, Wm. Blyth, S. Waddy, Jacob Whitler. February 18, 1779.

August. 16, 1779. Charles Bruce, Thomas Hord, Gerard Banks, and John James, Executors of the last will and testament of Thomas James, Deed., to Jacob Whitler and Jno. Welch of Fredericksburg Whereas, the said Thomas James, Deed., by his will dated Apr. 9, 1772, and proved in Fauqueir County, directed the sale of certain lands, vizt., "land in Spotsylvania County, I purchased of George Sharpe, my lots and houses in town of Fredericksburg, known by name of Long Ordinary, and 1000 a. I have purchased of Warner Washington," etc., the tract of 188 a. in Spotsylvania County, being exposed to sale, the ad. Whitler and Welch purchased the same for the sum of £752 curr., etc. Witnesses, Will. Craghill, Jesse Slaven, Jno. Hasalgrove, Jno. Holloday, jr. Sept. 16, 1779.

DEED BOOK K - 1782-1785

February 19, 1784. Wm. Lewis Callahan apprentices himself to Norcut Slaven of Fredericksburg, Tailor, etc. No witnesses. February 19, 1784.

February 19, 1784. James Callahan apprentices himself to Norcut Slaven of Fredericksburg, Tailor, etc. No witnesses. February 19, 1784.

February 19, 1784. Thomas Carr of Spotsylvania County to Norcut Slaven of same County £30. 10 a. in St. Geo. Par., Spotsylvania County, etc. Jno. Brock, Henry Brock, Win. Heslop. February 19, 1784.

April 9, 1785. Norcut Slaven and his wife, Ann Thomas, of Fredericksburg to James Frazee of Spotsylvania County £90 curr. 10 a. in Spotsylvania County, St. Geo. Par., purchased of Thomas Carr, etc. Witnesses, B. Stubblefield, Jno. Benson, Jno. W. Welles, Jas. Wood. August. 2, 1785.

DEED BOOK L - 1785-1788

January 29, 1787. John Welch and Eleanor, his wife, of the State of Maryland, Baltimore County, to David Simons of Fredericksburg., Va. £200 curr. 10 a., conveyed by Thos. Carr to Norcut Slaven and by said Slaven to James Frazer and by ad. Frazer to the said Welch, etc., in Spotsylvania County, etc., etc. John Chew, jr.; Jos. Chew, Fontaine Maury. February 6, 1787.

DEED BOOK M - 1788-1791

April 1, 1788. Abraham Simons and Mildred, his wife (which said Mildred was widow and relict of Jno. Holladay, Decd.), and Benja. Weeks and Agatha, his wife; Jno. Wood and Elizabeth, his wife; Norcut Slaven and Ann, his wife, and Sarah Holladay, a single woman (which said Agatha, Elizabeth, Ann and Sarah, are children of the aforesaid Jno. Holladay, deceased.), of Spotsylvania County to Thomas Colson of same County, Gent. £50. Tract of land known as Holladay's Ordinary, purchased of Benjamin Johnston and Dorothy, his wife, in St. George's Parish, Spotsylvania County, etc., etc. No witnesses. April 1, 1788.

July 7, 1789. John Wood and Elizabeth, his wife, of Spotsylvania County to Betty Slaven, eldest daughter of Northent Slaven and Ann, his wife, of Spotsylvania County £40 curr. 40 a. in St. George's Parish, Spotsylvania County No witnesses. July 7, 1789.

December 1, 1789. Northent Slaven and Ann, his wife, of Fredericksburg to Isaac Head of Spotsylvania County £25. 40 a. in St. George's Parish, Spotsylvania County, etc. Henry Duerson, Henry Southworth, James Wilson. March 2, 1790.

DEED BOOK O - 1794-1797

July 9, 1795. Benjamin Weeks and Aggy, his wife, of Stafford County, Va.; John Gibson and Mildred, his wife; Norcut Slaven and Nancy, his wife, all of , Georgia; Betsey Wood, widow of Jno. Wood, at present of Va., but intending immediately to remove to Georgia; also Lucy Holladay and Owen Holladay of the State of Georgia, to Gabriel Long of Spotsylvania County, Va. Whereas, Abram Simons and Mildred, his wife, and Sarah Holladay, by Ind. dated January. 6, 1789, did sell to the said Gabriel Long, 325 a. in Spotsylvania County, Va., and whereas, all the wives of the said parties hereto, as well as Betsy Wood, widow, and Lucy and Owen Holladay, are children and devisees of Jno. Holladay, late of Spotsylvania County, Decd., and each of them claim (under the said Holladay's will) 1-12 part of the land, etc., as aforesaid conveyed by Abram Simons and Mildred, his wife, and Sarah Holladay, now Sarah Freeman, and whereas, the said several claimants having sold their respective parts to the said Long, and being willing and desirous of relinquishing the same, this Ind. therefore witnesseth, conveyance, etc., etc., etc. Witnesses, 0. Towles, Jno. Welch. Jas. Hutcherson, Richard Long, Wm. Triplett, Jos. Reynolds, Benj. Reynolds. Recorded January 5, 1796.

Extracted from Spotsylvania County Records 1721-1800: Being Transcriptions, from the Original Files at the County Court House, of Wills, Deeds, Administrators' and Guardians' Bonds, Marriage Licenses, and Lists of Revolutionary Pensioners edited by William Armstrong Crozier, published by Fox Duffield and Co., New York, N.Y., 1905.