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Surname message boards and mailing lists.

"Rootsweb Surname List search page.The RSL is a listing of reserachers who have registered their interest in certain lines at Rootsweb. Use the search function to find others working on your surname.
"Slaven" board at Genforum.The Genforum boards were shut down in 2013, at least as far as posting new queries and responses. But they're still available in a read-only format-- you may find your question has already been asked and answered!
"Slavens" board at Genforum.
"Slevin" board at Genforum.
"Slaven" board at Ancesty.com. (The successor to the Rootsweb boards.)
"Slavens" board at Ancestry.com.
"Slavin" board at Ancestry.com.
"Slevin" board at Ancestry.com.
Rootsweb mailing lists & info: Slaven/Slavey Slavens  Slavin

Family and Other Slaven-related Sites.

Yahoo! group for descendants of Felix Slavin. David Slavin invites descendants of Felix Slavin to join this Yahoo discussion group. Felix was born in Ireland and came to America approximately 1845, probably arriving in Rhode Island. He married a Rosanna O'Brien in Providence, and bought a farm in the village of Chepachet in the town of Glocester, Rhode Island.

Descendant Report of John Slavin of Garrard County, Kentucky. John Slavin of Missouri has a great site for charting the descendants of "John of Garrard." Be sure to visit the sources page for John's analysis of historic documents. Great work!

The Slaven and Slavey Family Web Site are gone, and it appears the domain registration (slavey.com) has expired. It was a great site with good information. You can still access that information by using The Wayback Machine at archive.org. Put "slavey.com " in the search box, and it will show that the site was saved nearly 100 times from 1999-2016. Select one of the older backup dates (after about 2015 the archived pages are refereers to "This domain for sale"), and follow the links to the genealogical information. For example, here's a link to one of the most valuable pages for Richard Harve Slavey/Slaven researchers, The Richard Slavey Chronicles.

Slaven Family of Fentress County, TN site. Chird Bobbitt's site has much information on the Slaven family of Tennessee, and other Slaven information from Kelly Smith.

Slevin - Stanley, Tipperary, Ireland. Jennifer Slevin Gleeson's information on her Slevin family in Tipperary on Genealogy.com.

Many have heard the story of the Andrews Raiders, a group of Union soldiers who went behind Confederate lines to steal a locomotive and destroy the railroad back to Chattanooga, thanks mainly to the book "Daring and Suffering" aka "Capturing a Locomotive" by raider William Pittinger, or the movies his accounting inspired But for the earliest report on the raid, read a scanned version of Ohio boys in Dixie: the adventures of twenty-two scouts sent by Gen. O. M. Mitchell to destroy a railroad aka "the Holt report."

Journal of Davy K. Capps, written 1874-1885.Capps was the husband of Harriet Slavens, daughter of Thomas J. Slavens, and lived in Lincoln County, Missouri.

James Slavens Family. My other site, for James Slavens of Hendricks County, Indiana, and descendants.

Slaven of County Tyrone, Ulster, Ireland. Courtney Shinaberry, a descendant of John Slavin, has a nice page of the early "legend and lore" of Colla da Crioch, from whom all with our surname are (reputedly) descended.

Earls Families of Slavin. This page isn't about a Slavin family, but rather, a family living in the parish of Slavin, County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, but many will find the bits of infomation about the area interesting.

Midwifery in West Virginia. An online version of a story in "West Viriginia History" magazine, featuring information on Jenny Belle Slaven of Pocahontas County.

Sitting on a high bank of the Yukon River in Alaska is a two-story cabin called Slaven's Roadhouse. Since its construction in 1932, it has served as a beacon to travelers plying the Yukon. It is now one of the historical landmarks within Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve, part of the National Park Service. Doug Becksted's wonderful page at the National Park Service website is gone, but here are some other links about Frank and the roadhouse: NPS on Frank and the roadhouse,   a different NPS page, and  more from the NPS.

General genealogy links.

Frank Beacon column on giving back to the genealogical community by transcribing records.

Genealogy columns by Donna Murray Allen. Read what she has to say about learning from obituaries and from the census, why you shouldn't ignore collateral lines, why you should check alternate spellings, where to look for evidence outside of the census and obituaries, and a little bit about DNA testing and genealogy. Donna is a columnist for the St. Petersburg (Florida) Times and has graciously allowed me to reprint a few of her columns. To read more, go the Times' search page and enter "Donna Murray Allen" in the search box. NEW! Visit Donna's new website for more information and genealogy tips.

Illinois State Archives online databases The State of Illinois has marriage records, soldiers, public domain land tract sales, and many other public records indexes online. Similar searching is available for Missouri. Too bad every state doesn't have such a site... But a good source of finding out what is available for other states, try going to the FamilySearch Wiki, and entering the state in the search box. There will be a page with links to birth, marriage, death, and other record collections, both at FamilySearch and at public and private websites.

Bureau of Land Management general land office records. An online database for original land patents between the federal government and individuals, many with .tif images of the actual patent.

Irish and U.K. genealogy links. A collection of links for Ireland and the U.K.

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