Pension Files at the NARA Website.

The Nationa Archives website used to be an information-only site-- it would tell you about the types of records it holds, often in great detail, but to actually see any of those files, you had to request them via the proper form and pay to receive them. Now, some files can be viewed for free on the website. If you go to the catalog search page and enter a name or subject (such as Slaven), it will return a list of files that contain the term. Many of these won't be scanned files, but if the hit was on a pension record, it very well may be! Hint: If you want to filter the search to pension records, after you get the big list of results, along the side panel where you can "Refine By" your search, select "Record Group 15" in the proper section.

The following are pension files that I could locate in late July 2022. I encourage you to check the NARA site yourself as more files will be added all the time, thanks to their Citizen Scanning Project.

Revolutionary War.
John Slavin of North Carolina/Kentucky.
Isaiah Slavens of Virginia/Kentucky/Indiana.
John Slaven Jr. of Virginia.
Dennis Slaven aka Duncan Spier of Maryland/Ohio.
Robert Whitehead of Virginia/Indiana (widow Barbara Perks Slavens Whitehead).

War of 1812
Pamela/Parmelia Slavin, widow of William Slavin and John Blue of Albany NY.

Civil War
Rachel Slavens, widow of Medal of Honor winner Samuel Slavens of Ohio.
Eliza Miller Slavin, widow of Erasmus M Slavin of Missouri. Elizabeth Slavens, mother of James H. Slavens of West Virginia/Lawrence County, Ohio.
Eleanor Slaven, mother of William Slaven of Vigo County, Indiana.
Elizabeth Slavens Peters, widow of Clinton J. Peters of Pike County, Ohio.
Elizabeth Hazlett Slavens, widow of William H. Slaven of Mercer County, Missouri.
Catharine Slaven, mother of Thomas Slaven of Easton, Pennsylvania.
Margaret Jane Slaven O'Flannegan, widow of Thomas O'Flannegan of Allegany County, New York.
Susannah Hill Slavey, widow of Pleasant Slavey of Pulaski County, Kentucky.
John Slevin, father of James Slevin of New York.
Margaret Slevin, widow of Patrick Slevin (alias Thomas Sullivan) of New York.
Johanna Slevin Daley, widow of Patrick W. Daley of Connecticut.
Rosanna Walsh Slavan, widow of James Slavan of New York.
Margaret Slaven O'Flannegan, widow of Thomas O'Flannegan of New York.

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