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newDoing it the hard way!

Check out this interesting hundred year old letter showing what it was like to do genealogy back in the days before computers and the internet!

Cures Dyspepsia, Liver Complaints, and Sea Sickness!

Victorian trade card advertising for Slaven's California Fruit Salt and other remedies. Numerous scans so it's a tad slow to load.

1882 magazine ad for Slaven's Fruit Salt.

Henry Bartholomew Slaven, born in Ontario in 1853, made a name for himself in the United States. In San Francisco he ran a drug store in the Baldwin Hotel, at the corner of Market and Powell. He expanded into patent medicine and beauty aids, advertising them with trade cards. A collection of trade cards can be seen at the previous link; above is a link to a magazine ad for his most popular patent medicine. Later Slaven and his brother Moses were contractors in the building of the Panama Canal. See the Bios page for on this fascinating man.

Slavins' Infallible Female Tonic.

If your digestion's okay but you're bothered with "female weakness" then this elixir is the one for you-- it's infallible! Ad was taken from an 1888 Evansville, Indiana newspaper.

Even more patent medicine.

Gooch's Mexican Syrup used a letter from John Slavens of Etna Furnace, Ohio, in this newspaper ad from January 1877. Anyone know if John's wife or daughter eventually succumbed to tuberculosis?

A poem for John of Tyrone.

Nearly a hundred years ago a descendant of "John of Tyrone" (John Slaven of Highland County, Virginia) had pretty much the same kind of questions about John and his ancestors as what we do today-- Protestant or Catholic, hero, commoner... Reuben Alexander Slaven Wade pondered poetically about his ancestor in his book of verse, California Songs, published in 1910. "Come out of the silence, old John of Tyrone..."

William Slevin's Sample Room ad card.

Both sides of a fanciful ad card for William Slevin's Sample Room, a "first-class bar" in Utica, New York. The card is thought to date from the late 1860's. Thanks to Andrew Fine for permission to use the scans.

Knight for a Day.
John Slavin in Knight for a Day

John Slavin appeared in several Broadway productions at the turn of the 20th century. The scan to the right is of a cover to sheet music from the musical. Click here for an enlargement of Slavin's photo.

According to Who's Who of Victorian Cinema, John C. Slavin and Charles F. Walton, comic boxers, were among the performers appearing on film at the original Kinetoscope parlor on Broadway ca. 1893-5. Many of the performers in these early films were acts appearing at Koster & Bial's Music Hall. Was this the same John Slavin? Anyone with information please drop me a line.

John Daniel Slavin, Portrait Artist.
Newspaper story on John Slavin, a famed portrait artist in the 1940's, who had fallen on hard times by the end of the 60's. For a sample of Slavin's work, see this page (but not if female nudity offends you). Also check out this photo of Slavin at a portrait unveiling.

nothingSlaven Road
Is there a "family" road sign near you?
Share its photo here!

Slaven Road, near Picton, Ontario, borders farm property settled by Patrick Slaven in the mid-1800's.

Photo courtesy of Scott Slaven.

Slaven Streetnothing

In Ottumwa, Iowa, a short street near the railroad tracks bears the family name(s). The sign on one end of the street says "Slaven Street"...
Slavens Avenuenothing

..while at the other end of the road, you pick up an "S" and switch from St. to Ave. More evidence that everyone has trouble with that final "s". (It probably should be there, in this case, based on the property holdings of the Henry Slavens family.)

Photos courtesy of Ray Slavens.


nothingAdopt a Highway

Descendants of Roy and Mabel Slaven have adopted the stretch of highway that runs in front of the family's former property in Highland County, Virginia. What a great way to honor your ancestors! A photo of the property can be found on the photo page.

Thanks to Kathy Steffey for sharing.

Slavens Chapel.

The Slavens Chapel, that used to stand near Hawk Point, Lincoln County, Missouri. Photo courtesy of Ray Slavens.

Lineage card.

1920's era lineage card for James M. Slavens of Kansas City. Wouldn't genealogy be so much easier if all our ancestors came with their own lineage card? Scan courtesy of Ray Slavens.

Slaven Store cards/blotters

A couple advertising cards/blotters from about the 1950's advertising Ball Band footwear, stamped by the Slaven Store Co. of Ravenswood, West Virginia. Les Shockley of the Jackson County WVGenWeb site tells me the store was good place to buy men's clothing until it closed in the early 1970's.
Unknown Slaven, 1910 San Antonio Baseball Player.

In 1910 Old Mill Cigarettes gave away baseball cards, including a series of Texas League cards that included this unknown Slaven who played for the San Antonio Bronchos. Perhaps some baseball fan can provide more information? To learn more about these Old Mill baseball cards, see the Baseball Cards of Early Texas page.
Slaven baseball card.

Brooklyn/New York City news items.

Transcriptions of news items involving Slaven, Slavin, and Slevin family members, taken from the Brooklyn Eagle and New York Herald between 1850 and 1900.

A heroic young Scot Slaven.

From the BBC, a story of a brave mountaineering lad who saved his father while on a climb.

UK football (soccer) player Bernie Slaven.

If you've ever entered "Slaven" and "Ireland" or "Scotland" in a search engine, you've no doubt found many references to famous football (soccer to us Americans) player Bernie Slaven (photo), who was born in Scotland but gained fame playing for Middlesbrough and and other Irish teams "on the basis of the ubiquitous Irish Granny." After a notable career, like many American athletes, Slaven went into broadcasting. Slaven also has considered politics.

Slaven/Sleven entries in 'Missing Friends'.

During the 19th century, The Boston Pilot ran notices from Irish immigrants trying to re-establish ties with missing family members. Here are five notices from the 1850s.
"The Sydney Cornstalk" Frank Slavin
Frank Slavin Frank Slavin Frank Slavin Frank Slavin
Frank Slavin  Frank Slavin
Click for larger photos.
In the late 19th century, Australian boxer Frank Slavin became a world champion. Shown is a cigarette card from England ca. 1902 with the fighter's photo. Frank spent time in the early 20th century mining in the Yukon, leading to people to confuse him with the Frank Slaven who ran a roadhouse there (see the links page for information on that Frank). More information on The Sydney Cornstalk can be found at The Journal of Combative Sport site or in this 1890's bio or in this excerpt from an old boxing book.

Shooting of J.O. Smith/Slavens.

Story from the Hutchinson (Kansas) News, May 3, 1932, concerning the murder of J.O. Slavens, aka J.O. Smith. He was a son of Samuel Slavens, who was hung for his part in the Andrews Raid.

1833 Act of Tennessee

Copy of a private acts of the first session of the twentieth general assembly of the State of Tennessee in 1833 for the adoption of Polly Ann Martin by Daniel Slavens of Claiborne County.

1819 Madison County, Kentucky sale book

Images of a listing of the receipts of an estate sale in February 1819 in Madison County, Kentucky, where a John Slaven was one of the buyers. This is very likely the "John Slavin of Garrard County, Kentucky" as they are neighboring counties. The entire document is reproduced; John's name appears on pages 3 and 5. Thanks to Wayne and Teresa Long for providing the copies of the document. Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5

For your listening pleasure...

The Reverend E.L. Slavens not only ministered his flock at chirches in the Kansas City area, he traveled the country with his "healing ministry" and also wrote and recorded a number of gospel records. Following the link to hear samples of his music. (Thanks to kind soul who did the transfers from the old 78 r.p.m. records!)
While at the movies...
Brad Slaven

Filmography of Brad "Buster" Slaven.

Brad was an actor in films and TV from the 1930's through the 50's, making the transition from a child actor before World War II to an adult actor after. For information on his family background and more photos, follow this link.
This photo courtesy of Gary Witken.

Filmography of William Slavens McNutt

From the same site, a list of films written or directed by William Slavens McNutt, a descendant of Isaiah Slavens through his son Hiram B. Slavens.

Filmography of Patterson McNutt

And the listing for William Slavens McNutt's accomplished brother, Patterson.

And on the stage...

The Slavin Amusement Company operated the Blackstone Theatre in Chicago in the 1940's. Anyone know who this Slavin was? See a playbill from 1942. The Blackstone is now apparently a part of the DePaul University Theatre School. Thanks to Ray Slavens for the scan.

Frank Slavens, Herpetologist.

Frank, a descendant of Isaiah Slavens through his son Benjamin, first came to my attention in 1995 in the penultimate Far Side cartoon, where Gary Larson gave credits for the popular cartoon series: "Animals were played by Frank Slavens and..." Frank and wife Kate are well known for their book on raising reptiles and amphibians in captivity. The link is to Frank and Kate's website, which has information on the book, their efforts to save the endangered Western pond turtle, a Cameroon art project, and more.

Why you should never trust spelling in "official" documents.

From Isaiah Slavens's Revolutionary War Pension file.

A fair trade?

Story from an 1883 issue of the Casey (Iowa) Vindicator involving a Stuart Slaven, a $15 debt, a coat, and a pistol...

Family letters.

Back in the days before the Internet, people had to take pen in hand to share genealogical information with their distant cousins. Here are letters from Mary L. Slavens of Washington, D.C. in 1945, mainly concerning the James Hervey Slavens family, and from her sister Irene Donohoe, also of Washington, from 1962 concerning the John Slavin and Isaiah Slavens families and a second letter concerning William Stuart and James Hervey Slavens.
Ellen Vandiver has shared three turn-of-the-century letters from James Henry Slavens, a grandson of Isaiah Slavens. He was living in Missouri and Oklahoma at that time, writing to his daughter and family, Elmer and Minnie Slavens Chase. James's headstone is pictured in the Cemetery section. Apologies to Ellen for misattributing her donation earlier!
John Caster has shared a letter from Clinton Peters, husband of Elizabeth Slavens (daughter of Charles and Margaret (McClure) Slavens of Pike County, Ohio) to his daughter Harriet. Peters, a private in Co. E of the 33rd Ohio Infantry, had been been in the Union army not quite two months when the letter was written in April 1864. He was killed less than a month later at Resaca, Georgia, and is buried at Chattanooga National Cemetery. Thanks to John for the letter.

Forced emigration from Ireland, 1735-43.

Information from Emigrants from Ireland to America, 1735-43 concerning the forced emigration of prisoners to the American colonies. Includes information on three Slevin men so emigrated.

Do you have something to share that doesn't fit the categories of the other pages? I'd be glad to add it here!

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