Ed Slavin Probably Fatally Injured.

Yesterday Ed Slavin, a laborer in the Diagonal yards, and his brother- in-law, John Harney, got drunk and wandered into a grocery store kept by some Italians, S. Cappola & Co., on Seventh and Cherry streets. They became troublesome and were ordered out of the place. Some Italians followed the - two drunken men into the street and they got into a lively quarrel. Stones and other missiles wore used freely. Finally one of the Italians struck Slavin on the back and head with a hammer. A colored man held this Italian until the officers who had been sent for, had arrived. Mean while Slavin lay on the ground insensible. Deputy Sheriffs Shaw and Smith arrested three Italians who gave the names Cappola, Paul Tucer and Agostino de Pompa. The latter is the one who used the hammer. The wounded man was removed to the home of his step-father. He will probably die from the effects of the injuries. Just above the left ear there is a hole through the skull, made by the hammer. According to the statement of those who saw the fight, Harney and Slavin are to blame for the trouble.

Des Moines (Iowa) Capitol, December 22, 1888.