Acquittal of a Boy Who Shot His Father.

Providence, R.I., October 8.-- John H. Slavin, a boyish-looking young man, was acquitted here yesterday of murdering his father, William Slavin, at Johnston, on September 5. The father was a brutal brothel keeper, whose wife was driven insane eight years ago by his harsh treatment and who kept a mistress at his dive. John believed that this woman intended to lead his seventeen-year-old sister astray and went to his father's place to get him to give up the woman and take in himself and sister. Slavin knocked the boy down, stamped on his head and kicked him terribly. A bystander pulled him off his son, and as the boy ran away the father gave chase, intending to inflict further punishment. As he was stooping to pick up a stone to hurl at the boy, the latter fired two shots at him from a revolver to frighten him. The last shot, however, passed through Slavin's body and caused instant death. The plea was self-defense, and after deliberating two and a half hours, the jury returned a verdict of not guilty.

Dunkirk (New York) Evening Observer, October 8, 1884.