In the Southern Police Court on Thursday, before Mr. Swifte, John Slevin, 62 years of age, whose address was given as 21 Shaw street, and who was described as a shoe maker, was charged on remand by Recruiting Sergeant C. Farrelly, 24 Great Brunswick street, with having between 10 and 11 p.m. on the 11th inst. unlawfully purchased from Private Reginald A. Morris, of the 11th Hussars, a pair of khaki trousers and a pair of army drawers; the property of the Secretary of State for War, for the sum of 2s. 6d. He was also charged with having the articles illegally in his possession at his residence. A further charge against him was for having unlawfully aided and assisted Private Morris to desert from his regiment by supplying him with a plain pair of trousers. The defendant was sentenced to one month's imprisonment, with hard labour, for having assisted Private Morris to desert. He was fined 1s., and ordered to pay £1 8s. 9d., the full value of the articles, or in default an additional month's imprisonment. He was also ordered to return the goods to the military authorities.

Irish Times (Dublin, Ireland), January 27, 1912.