Trial of the Rioters at Airdrie.

Although the serious part of the rioting during the past ten days in this district has (telegraphed our Airdrie correspondent yesterday) been chiefly confined to Coatbridge, Bellshill, and Motherwell, still the infection appears to have spread to Calderbank, Glenboig, and other villages in the neighborhood. Yesterday a batch of rioters from Glenboig were placed at the bar of the J.P. court-- Messrs. F. Murray and R. hamilton presiding-- charged with riotous conduct, fighting, and shouting extreme party cries, such as "to h--- with the Pope and the Pope's granny, the priest and the holy water." Nine of the prisoners were convicted of charges more or less agrrivated, and were fined in sums ranging from 30s to hald-a-sovereign, with alternatives of imprisonment, viz.: Robert Kennedy, John McQuire, Patrick Slaven, Thomas Bickerstaff, Patrick Carr, Joseph McKean, John Barr, John Cassidy, and Patrick Geegan. The fines were in most cases promptly paid.

Aberdeen (Scotland) Weekly Journal, August 28, 1883.

These are small towns about 20 kilometers east of Glasgow. Nearby Coatbridge experienced an influx of Irish emmigration during and after the Famine, and in the 1880's had a Catholic majority. Riots there between Catholics and Orangemen spilled over to neighboring communities like Airdrie.