Was She Assassinated?

Monticello, Ky., July 18.—Word reached here to-day of the murder on Big South Fork several days ago of Mrs. Nancy Slavens, an old woman who had lived in this county all her life and had raised a large family. She was found by neighbors in her yard, and had been shot between the seventh and eighth ribs. The pistol ball of 44 calibre, ranging upwards, had broken her neck. Mrs. Slavens owned considerable property and is thought to have had a large sum of pension money. She lived on a large farm which she owned, and which was worked by several grandchildren, who lived with her. They claim that Mrs. Slavens had shot herself with a pistol belonging to one of them, but the story is not believed, and the general acceptance is that the grandchildren killed the old woman in order to get her property. The coroner's jury returned a verdict that Mrs. Slavens had come to her death by a pistol shot fired by some man, the inference being that she was assassinated from her own house while strolling in her own yard.

The Quincy (Illinois) Whig, Thursday, July 25, 1895.

Note: I have retained the "Slavens" spelling from the newspaper accounts; however, the family generally uses the "Slaven" spelling.