Attempt at Assassination in Tipperary.

On the night of the 7th instant, as Messrs. O'Keefe, of Rockvale Mills, and Slevin, Nenagh, were proceeding from Nenagh to Borrisoleigh, an assassin fired from the ditch, about three miles from Borrisoleigh, and the shot lodged in the horse's collar. It is ascertained that it was intended for Mr. R.W. Bourke, who took the lands of Knockanevan, out of which the Ryans were ejected. Mr. Bourke drove to Nenagh that morning, and was expected home that night, but having a suspicion of parties on the road, he did not return. Denis Treacy has been arrested under very suspicious circumstances, and is remanded for further examination. He had ammunition on his person. Denis Ryan, who formerly held those lands, is also under arrest.
--Correspondent of the Limerick Reporter.

Manchester (England) Guardian, February 16, 1853.