On Sunday evening an armed party of eight or more fellows, entered the house of a man named Slevin, at Islandbawn within a mile of Nenagh, whom, as being in the confidential employment of M. Ryan, Esq., as miller and caretaker at Islandbawn mills, they suspected to have arms. The party on entering, demanded the surrender of the arms from Slevin's wife and the servant maid, the only person who happened to be in the house at the moment. Mrs. Slevin denied that any arms were in the house, on which the ruffians compelled her to take an oath on the book that was lying on a table that the arms were not there. They then attacked the servant maid, whom they beat in a cruel manner, inflicting three deep and extensive cuts on her head, from which her life is endangered, and also giving her such a heavy blow on the arm with the butt of a gun that the limb was broken. Some at the party had been employed ransacking the house during the time the remaining were assailing the two women, with such disgraceful barbarity; but, subsequently, the entire party joined in the search, and boxes were broken open-- tables, dressers, cupboards, and beds thrown about and wrecked. The fellows, finding their search fruitless, with drew.
-- Tipperary Vindicator

Manchester (England) Guardian, January 6, 1849.