Disturbance at Glourock.

At the Justice of the Peace court yesterday-David Leavy, baker, and John Slaven, groom, both residing at Glourock, were brought up, charged with assaulting Malcolm Campbell, tinsmith, residing at Glourock, by striking him several blows in the head, knocking him down, and kicking him. Mr. McLean conducted the prosecution; and Mr. Swan, writer, appeared with the accused. Evidence being led, the Bench found the charge proven, and in giving judgment Mr. Arbuckle alluded to the frequency of disturbances at Glourock of late, and said that for the future peace of the burgh some steps must be taken. In this case they fined Leavy £2 and Slaven £1, without expenses.

Glasgow (Scotland) Herald, June 13, 1862.