Says Her Sewer Costs Her More Than Her Property Is Worth.

Mrs. Mary E. Slavin of Cumming, Iowa, has filed a protest with City Clerk Vertrees in which she objects to the assessment made against her Fourth street property for the sewer recently built along that thoroughfare. She recites the fact that she is asked to pay $38.30 for this improvement, while she pays taxes on the property to the amount of $9.75 per year. She mildly suggests that "the value of my property is not much more than the amount of this bill" and petitions the city counci to come to her relief by cutting off a slice of the assessment.

It should be explained that the asessment is unusually high along this street on account of low property which is not required to pay for a benefit that does not benefit. This makes it extra hard on those whom the improvement is supposed to benefit, but the council is now considering a proposition to charge these property Owners only the contract price, which will make a diference of nearly half in Mrs. Slavin's assessment.

Daily Iowa Capital (Des Moines, Iowa), October 14, 1897.