Caution to the Public.

A person who gave his name as John Slevin was charged by Mrs. Sarah Anne Hughes, the wife of Mr. Hughes, proprietor of the Circus at Donnybrook, with having passed a thirty shilling Provident Bank of Ireland note on her, same being of no value. It appeared from the evidence that the prisoner went to the circus on Tuesday, and got two tickets, in payment of which he tendered the note in question, and Mrs. Hughes, thinking it was a Provincial Bank note-- it seemed so like one-- gave him the change. On Friday the prisoner came again, and tendered another note for the same amount, but Mrs.Hughes having in the interim ascertained that the note was of no value, and recognising the prisoner as the person who passed the other note on her, she had him arrested.

The prisoner was committed for trial.

(N.B.—The public should be on their guard against being imposed on by these notes. A number of them are in circulation through town, and their close resemblance to Provincial Bank notes enables the holder to pass them as such. Several shopkeepers in town have been done within the last week.)

Freeman's Journal and Daily Commercial Advertiser (Dublin, Ireland), August 28, 1843.