Bootlegging Case Goes to District Court for Hearing.

Four Norwalk Men Waive Examination Before Commissioner Here.

Waiving examination when they were arraigned yesterday before United States Commissioner Hugh J. Lavery, Edward McGurk, George Slavin, Earle Williams and Samuel Gilman, who were arrested by Department of Justice Agent Charles H. Lane and his assistants in South Norwalk last Friday night on the charge of selling liquor to sailors, in defiance of the federal law, were bound over to the United States District court, which convenes in Hartford next September.

The men were released on the presentation of $500 bonds each. The penalty for the charge preferred against the quartet is one year in jail or $1,000 fine, or both, in the discretion of the court.

It is charged that Slavin, McGurk and Williams smuggled drinks to sailors in the saloon of Battling Kunz, the lightweight champion of the state, in South Norwalk. Slavin was bartender in the saloon. There was some attempt to escape, but the three men were caught in or near the saloon by Agent Lane and his men.

Gilman was employed as a waiter in a South Norwalk hotel. According to the federal agents, when two sailors came to the hotel Friday night they were first refused drinks by the management, but after an appeal from them Gilman went outside and brought them the liquor.

The raid in South Norwalk was determined upon when Lane was notified that the War and Navy departments had received complaints that men in the service were furnished liquor in that locality.

Bridgeport (Connecticut) Telegram, July 27, 1918.