Michael Slaven, aged 15, was in custody charged with having, on Sunday night, wounded John Richards, aged 14, residing at 12 house, 5 court, Brassey-street. The complainant stated that on Sunday night he was walking along Upper Harrington-street, when the prisoner rushed out of an entry and stabbed him on the upper lip with a knife, saying, "I'll kill you, and hang for you, and then I'll be satisfied." It was stated that the prisoner had been previously before the court for a similar assault upon Richards. Mr. Raffles asked Richards what was the quarrel between them, and he replied, "It is because I am the only Protestant in the neighbourhood." (Laughter.) Mr. Raffles: "Why should you think that is the case?" Richards: "Because he has said to lads, 'He's a Protestant, let's kill him.'" The Prisoner: "I am a Protestant myself." (Laughter.) The Prisoner's Mother: "He's a real Protestant." (Renewed laughter.) Mr. P. Regan, surgeon at the Southern Dispensary, deposed that Richards was suffering from a punctured wound on the upper lip. The prisoner said he never stabbed Richards, and that he only saw him once on Sunday, when Richards threw stones at him. The prisoner was committed to the sessions for trial.

Liverpool (England) Mercury, Wednesday, March 21, 1888.