Information reached Sydney yesterday, that a gang of notorious bushrangers had been captured in the south country by a party of Mounted Police. It appears that the police party, which consisted of Corporal Cassidy, and Troopers Robinson and Sheedy, were directed to follow these bushrangers, which they did for several days, and at length came up with them near the Hume River, where, after some resistance, they succeeded in capturing them, when they were discovered to be John Rubens alias Burking Charley, James Slaven, and William Miller, all runaways from the Tourang Stockade nearly twelve months since, and that they had committed a variety of robberies; when taken they had six horses, and eight stand of arms, and were provided with every thing requisite for a comfortable stay in the bush. On their way down some scoundrel supplied them with a handcuff key, with which, about the eighth night after their capture they undid their handcuffs and fought very hard; two of them contrived to get away, but were recaptured next day by Sheedy. On Sunday last they were lodged in Queenbeyan Lock-up, and no doubt, are by this time safe in Berrima Goal.

Sydney (New South Wales, Australia) Morning Herald, August 13, 1842.