A man named John Slevin, who had formerly been butler in the service of Mr. Cartwright, of Old Burlington-street, the dentist, was charged with obtaining various articles of property under false pretences.

It appeared that the prisoner went to Mr. Stewart, a brush-manufacturer in Oxford-street, with whom Mr. Cartwright dealt for tooth-brushes, and obtained several of the latter in Mr. Cartwright's name, and then took them to the Duke of Glocester's home in Piccadilly, and there delivered them as coming from Mr. Cartiwright, and received the money for them of the porter. At another place he obtained a gallon of brandy, at a third place a quantity of tea, sugar, etc., and various other supplies, all in Mr. Cartwright's name.

The Duke of Glocester's butler and the different tradespeople attended and identified the prisoner, but he was remanded until Mr. Cartwright can attend to prove that he gave the prisoner no authority to obtain those things.

The Times (London, England), November 3, 1828.