Train Hits Automobile.

Serious Accident Occurs at Mediapolis Crossing.
Farmer Living Near Roscoe Found With Car on Top of Him-- Is Badly Cut.

Mediapolis, Ia., Aug. 4-- This morning about 6:30 o'clock while Mr. Monroe Slaven was crossing the Rock Island railroad in his automobile at the railroad crossing near the mill in Mediapolis, Rock Island passenger train No. 62 came along and the engine struck the automobile, throwing it to the side of the track and smashing it up quite badly.

The car was turned upside down and Mr. Slaven was found underneath of it with the top resting on his breast. He was badly cut about the head and received other injuries, but how serious is not yet known. A doctor was called and took care of the injured man. The iron steps of the engine were broken off.

Mr. Slaven lives on a farm near Roscoe and had come to Mediapolis early this morning to get some meat and bread for threshers who were to be at his house today.

Mr. Slaven was rushed to Mercy Hospital in Burlington in Dr. Potter's automobile.

(At an early hour this morning Mr. Slaven was resting comfortably.)

Burlington (Iowa) Hawkeye, August 5, 1913.