Carriage With Four Occupants Run Down at a Crossing.

CHICAGO, June 20. -- Without warning a carriage containing four persons, a mother, her two children and a girl friend was run down by a Chicago, Burlington & Quincy milk train at the Millard Avenue crossing to-day and the children were instantly killed. The mother was thrown a distance of ten feet and badly hurt, while her 13-year-old companion was caught in the wreck and so badly hurt that her recovery is doubtful. The names of the dead children are: FRED W. INHOLSEN, 7 years old; GRACIE lNHOLSEN, aged 5 months. The injured are: MRS. FLORA INHOLSEN, mother of the dead children, residing at Fortyfirst Place and West Thirtieth Street, bruised about the head and spinal injuries. MAGGIE SLAVIN, age 13 years, the daughter of one of Mrs. Inholsen's neighbors: skull fractured and internal injuries that may prove fatal.

Humeston (Iowa) New Era, July 5, 1893.