A well-known thief, named Peter Mount, alias Hill, alias Slaven, has been apprehended on a charge of stealing six head of cattle from a man named Edward Tinney, residing in County Donegal. Mount had gone to Tinny's fields last week and lifted the cattle, and brought them to Londonderry, and had them shipped on board the Derry steamer and brought to Glasgow, where they were sold to a dealer named Daniel McIntyre, residing in McIntosh Street, Glasgow. It would appear that Mount is a friend of Tinney, whose story is that he had dreamed a dream the night upon which the cattle were taken away, that Mount had come over from Scotland and had stolen his bullocks. When he arose in the morning and found his dream verified, he reported the case to the police:, who sent Tinney over here, and he arrived here on Monday, and had Slaven apprehended, when upwards of £27 was found upon him. The cattle were traced to McIntyre's possession, and found in a field near Carstairs by Captain Dewar. Mr. McIntyre at once identified Mount as the man who had sold them. Mount was yesterday brought before the Police Court, and committed to prison awaiting instructions from Ireland. Tinney persists in the truth of his curious dream. Mount usually resides in Greenock, and Tinney did not expect a a visit from him.

Glasgow (Scotland) Herald, September 1, 1864.