Max Cohen of Chicago Confesses to Killing David Slavin Before Woman.

Special to The New York Times.
CHICAGO, Sept. 10.-- A hand-to-hand fight for thirty minutes late last night between two men, rivals for the affections of a woman, ended only when the more powerful choked the other to death.

The tragedy, which occurred in the apartment of Mrs. Jean Lawrence, 4221 Grand Boulevard, resulted in the arrest today of Max Cohen, 5430 Prairie Avenue, son of a wealthy jeweler, charged with strangling to death David Buckley Slavin, 33, a salesman living at Sheridan Road. Mrs. Lawrence, a divorcee, for whose affections the two men fought, and who, it is said, watched the death struggle, is held by the police as a material witness.

Both Mrs. Lawrence and Cohen were found in the apartment with the body on hour after Slavin died. Cohen made a confession to the police which was corroborated by Mrs. Lawrence. According to their story, Slavin had for two weeks persisted in forcing his attentions upon Mrs. Lawrence. Ten days ago she caused his arrest. Last night, Cohen said, Slavin appeared at the Lawrence apartment, rang the bell and asked to be admitted. Mrs. Lawrence refused the request and Slavin began to pound the door. Then Cohen opened the door and the man entered.

"The struggle started almost immediately." Cohen told the police. "He insulted her and insulted me and threw a vase at me. I struck him and then we clinched. Finally I got my fingers around his throat. I choked and choked and choked-- gradually he ceased his struggling. Finally his hands fell back. He was dead."

New York (New York) Times, September 20, 1920.