Constable Slavin Had Transacted Business with a Circus Before.

FLUSHING, L.I., July 17.-- Waltor L. Main's circus opened in Flushing this afternoon with a lively incident which had not been advertised. The tents were full of spectators and the band had struck up the overture for the grand march when Constable Edward Slavin took possession with a drawn revolver pointed at Proprietor Main's head. The constable's warlike behavior was prompted by an attachment which he held against the show for $40, in favor of George Saxe, a carriage maker of the village.

Constable Slavin attempted to levy on a circus a year ago and was set upon by the employes and badly beaten. To-day he decided to take no chances, so went into the ring armed.

After he had sufficiently awed the proprietor and employes he proceeded to satisfy the claim by seizing two handsome Shetland ponies, which he led away in triumph.

Mr. Saxe claims the amount upon the ground that Mr. Main's agent, hired land upon which to give the show on Whitestone Avenue from him. When the circus came to town, however, Mr. Main decided that Mr. Saxe's land was not desirable.

New York (New York) Times, July 18, 1893.