Mining Controversy Settled with Muskets.

Special Dispatch to the Globe-Democrat.
Santa Fe, N.M., June 7.-- The particulars of the killing of Patrick Slevens, a miner of Pueblo Springs, a mining camp in Socorro County, by one J.S. Hernbrash, just reached the city. It originated from Henrbrash's jumping of J.S. Hutchinson's mining claim. Hutchinson sent Slavens out there to take and hold the claim. Slovens and Henrbrash met; from words came blows; from blows to pistols and Winchesters. Slavens fired at Hernbrash with his Winchester and Hernbrash at Slavens with a pistol. Hernbrash received a severe wound in the side, and Slavens was wounded twice, and died Saturday. Hernbrash is now under arrest.

St. Louis (Missouri) Globe-Democrat, June 8, 1881.

Note: Yes, the surname was spelled three different ways in the article.