CLEVER CAPTURE.-- Peter Slaven, alias Hill, alias Mount, was captured very cleverly in Greenock on Tuesday morning. Edward Tinney, from Donegal, presented himself at the police office here, immediately after the arrival of the boat, with a letter from the Superintendent of Police in Londonderry, stating that six head of cattle had been stolen, and that Slaven was suspected of the theft. A lieutenant who recognised Slaven as Mount, went and found him in bed in a neighbour's house. He denied everything, but Tinney recognised him. On inquiry, it was found that no cattle had been landed here. Captain Dewar then proceded to Glasgow, accompanied by Rodger, Mount, and Tinney. They discovered the cattle, and the cattle-dealer who had purchased them from Mount, who ultimately confessed. He received £29 4s for the cattle, £27 of which has been recovered.-- North British Mail.

Belfast (Ireland) News-Letter, September 3, 1864.