Conspiracy to Murder-- Informations have been lodged before the magistrates at the petty sessions of Clare a few days ago, by a man named James Carroll against a farmer named John Slavin, of the Island, near this town, for soliciting and encouraging him to shoot Mr. Joseph Finnamore, on the same place, an agent to Colonel Aylmer, of the county of Kildare, who has property in the neighbourhood of the island. Slavin was admitted to bail by the Court, to stand his trial at the next assizes.

Ipswich (England) Journal, January 9, 1841.

Note: The item before this was labeled King's County, and the item after mentioned Rahan, King's County (County Offaly). Griffith's Valuation shows a Joseph Finnamore and a John Slaven in Rahan, so we assume these are the same men.)