Heavy Gun is Overturned with Fatal Results.
Accident Occurred In Drill Hall at Fort Myer, Va., During Exercises of Fourth Artillery Battery
Quick Turn Caused the Fall

Washington, March 31- The overturning of a heavy piece ot artillery yesterday in the drill hall at Fort Myer, Va., during the regular drill of the Fourth battery of field artillery, commanded by Captain Stephen M. Foote, caused the death of a corporal and the injury of three others.

Corporal J. S. Slaven, aged 25 years, of Washington, D.C., crushed beneath the wheels.

Frank Reilly, England, 33 years of age, contusion and abrasion of the right groin, will live.
Elmer Wehn, Baltimore, 26 years of age, slight contusion of the back of the neck.
Matthew E. Duncan., Brooklyn, N.Y., 29 years of age, both legs bruised.

When the accident occurred the battery detachment, consisting or four pieces, was tearing at a gallop around the drill hall in column. As the heavy guns took the turn at a corner the wheels of the leading piece struck a rut under the tanbark and the entire piece was turned upside down. Slaven was the gunner of this piece and was seated on the extreme right of the limber chest. He was hurled to the ground, the heavy ordnance falling squarely across his body. Four of his ribs were broken and he received terrible internal injuries. On the limber case with him were Reilly and Marcus Shores. The former was severely, though not fatally, injured, while Shores escaped any harm. On the axle seats of the overturned piece were Elmer Wehn and Jesse Woods. The latter escaped injury but Wehn was thrown beneath the axle of the overturned gun, receiving injuries to his neck. Duncan, who also occupied a seat on the artillery carriage, was injured, but not seriously. A report of the accident was made to the war department.

Atlanta (Georgia) Constitution, April 1, 1903.

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