First Court - Tuesday.

John McCormick (30), James Slaven (29) amd James McGuire (42) were severally charged with passing at Easington, Castle Eden, and Cold Hesledon, on the 20th of August, false and counterfeit coin. Mr. Otter and Mr. S. Grey appeared for the prosecution; the prisoners were undefended. It appeared from the evidence that the prisoners had been at various public houses in Easington, Cold Helsledon, and Castle Eden, and after calling for liquor, offered counterfeir money (shillings and sixpences) in payment. The prisoners were apprehended in the neighbourhood of Hartlepool, and on being searched by the policeman, a counterfeit shilling and sixpence similar to those which had been offered in payment of the liquor was found on McCormick. The coins produced were identified by the witnesses and declared to be counterfiet. Guilty-- To be imprisoned and kept to hard labour for two calendar months.

Durham County Advertiser (Durham, England), October 17, 1851.