Wednesday, December 16.

Before the police-magistrate and Mr. De Lauret. James Slaven (on bail) appeared charged with stealing a cow, the property of Charles Lane. Mr. Walsh for prisoner.

Charles Knox, a labourer, living near Wheeo (who was brought to court as an unwilling witness under a warrant), deposed: I know James Slaven; he lives about two miles from Charles Lane's; never helped Slaven to kill a beast.

To the bench: I never made a statement to Lane about a stolen beast in which Slaven's name was mentioned; never assisted Slaven to kill a beast belonging to Lane.

Matthew Lynch deposed: About a month ago at McSorley's I heard Knox say he and James Slaven took Charley Lane's cow and killed it.

Slaven was discharged.

The Goulburn Herald and Chronicle (New South Wales, Australia), December 19, 1868.