Sunday night there was a cutting affray south of Hadley in which a young man named Slavens cut a young man named McFarland to such an extent that Dr. White of Amo had to take several stictches to sew him up. It appears the young men were calling on sisters and Slavens (sic) called first Sunday evening and took both ladies out driving, promising to return one of them in time to keep her appointment with Slavens. Instead Slavens came before she had returned and started out to find her. He found the party and asked the young lady on whom he was bestowing his attentions to get in the buggy with him.This she very gladly did and soon told Slavens something which she said McFarland had said about him. Slavens drove up to McFarland's buggy and asked if he had said it. McFarland denied it and Slavens said that the girl said so and then McFarland replied disrepectfully of the girl. Then the trouble commenced and Slavens took out a razor and made one dash at McFarland, cutting away a portion of his coat on the shoulder but making no wound. A second cut across the breast made a bad wound and McFarland went to Amo to be sewed up. The girls live near Reno but it was impossible to ascertain their names.

Danville (Indiana) Republican, June 27, 1895.