Insurance Company Files Its Answer in Slavens Damage Suit.

Defendant's answer in the case of John Slavens against the Standard Accident Insurance company of Detroit, Mich., was filed in the office of the clerk of the United States district court yesterday. Slavens seeks to recover $18,625 in damages resulting from an automobile accident on the night of July 17, 1926, on the East Helena road. Slavens suffered severe injury when the car overturned, his complaint reads. The defendant asks for dismissal of the case with costs.

The Insurance company contends that the car in which Slavens rode, although insured by the company, had been stolen by Edward Weinsheimer who invited Slavens to ride. Slavens received judgment of $18,500 in a suit against Weinsheimer, the answer states. The car was insured In the name of Mart Ernst, its owner.

In the first trial of the case the district court found a verdict in favor of the defendant. On Aug. 6, 1928, the United States circuit court of appeals reversed the decision.

Helena (Montana) Daily Independent, November 1, 1928.