Harrison Berry, the man who shot and killed Mike Slavin and wouuded Mike’s brother, Frank, in the thigh during the progress of a fight at Berry’s home, No. 639 Root street, Saturday night, exchanged congratulations with the wounded Frank Slavin through the bars in the cell at the Stock Yards Police Station yesterday.

Both decided that it was an unfortunate affair and that whisky was the cause of it. When they had made that decision they began crying. The wounded Slavin had his wound dressed yesterday. It is painful but not dangerous unless blood poisoning sets in.

Berry does not talk about the affair and Frank Slavin can say but little. Yesterday he said that while under the influence of liquor he went with his brother to the Berry house. They had some words with the Berry boys, and the words soon led to blows, in which the Slavins got the worst of it and were finally ejected from the house.

Satisfied that the Berry boys were inferior in fighting ability they returned with Mike McCullough, of Joliet, and again started to fight, when the shooting occurred. "We were always friends," said Frank Slavin, "but it was whisky that did it."

Daily InterOcean (Chicago, Illinois), December 29, 1890.