A meeting of the South Ward Democratic Club which was largely attended was held last evening, for the purpose of effecting a permanent organization, at their room, Third and Penn street. At a late hour the meeting was called to order by Mayor Forwood, and, in the absence of the secretary, Lawrence Slaven was selected to fill that position. The minutes were approved, and the club at once proceeded to the election of permanent officers. The nominations were made one week ago as follows:
President- Henry Haney, James Moulder and John Syfrit.
Vice President - John McGolrick and John Gallagher.
Secretary- Lawrence Slaven and William Black.
Treasurer- Thomas Leonard.

On motion two tellers, Rodger McBride and James McGinty, were appointed to conduct the election.

Thomas Leonard, the only candidate, was on motion elected Treasurer by acclamation.

The election for the other officers was proceeded with, and resulted in the choice of the following persons:
President- Harry Haney.
Vice President- John McGolrick.
Secretary- Lawrence Slaven.

The officers elected were then installed.

Mr. Haney, upon taking the chair, thanked the members for the honor conferred upon him, and Mr. McGolrick did likewise.

The subject of a name for the club was then considered, and on motion the name of the South Ward Democratic Club was adopted, by which name it will henceforth be known. On motion Thursday night of each week was appointed as the regular time of meeting...

Chester (Pennsylvania) Daily Times, August 7, 1880.