Fifty Members of Organization with Wives at Farewell Banquet

Fifty people, employes of the Yellow Cab Co. and their wives, were guests of Ed J. Slevin and Fred H. Willey, officials of the firm, at a farewell banquet early this morning, from midnight till 2 o'clock, at the LeGlaire hotel in Moline. The occasion was the departure of Ed. Slevin on a 3:36 train for Chicago and thence to Ireland to visit for about six weeks with relatives.

It was a festive occasion from start to finish, commencing with a banquet, singing, and short talks, and ending with a session on the dance floor. James Lamb, legal counsel for the company, in a brief address, welcomed the employes in behalf of Mr Slevin and outlined the ideals ot the organization, which had its beginning two years ago in February. Since that time the company has grown to a firm with a total of 40 motor vehicles and 50 employes.

On his way to Ireland, where he will visit his mother, Mrs. Mary Slevin of County Tyrone, and two brothers and two sisters. Mr. Slevin will stop in Chicago long enough to place an order for ten more Yellow cabs with the new Shaw company and go thru the plant.

Employes of the company gave important talks concerning the service of the Yellow Cab organization, and wished the departing official Godspeed. One of the Rock Island drivers sang an impromptu solo.

Davenport (Iowa) Democrat and Leader, April 9, 1923.