County Derry, Ireland.

On March 16, Mrs. Hannah Slevin died at the age of 115 years. It appears she was born in August, 1783. She was in ful possession of and retained all her mental faculties to the e nd. In June she was interviewed, and gave a vivid account of the Rebellion of 1798, though she never saw a history of it in her life, or even knew that such was written. She remembered that the battle of Antrim was fought on the 7th of June, 1798, and was familiar with the names of all the insurgent leaders in connection with it, such as Henry Joy McCracken. She could tell all about the arrest of Rev. James Porter of Greyabbey Presbyterian Church on a false charge, and his trial and execution on July 2, 1798, all because he wrote some letters in favor of land reform, and published them in a Belfast newspaper. She knew the house of Greystone, Ballindrait, in which his two sons were concealed until they escaped to America, and told many incidents in connection with the family and the Rebellion which have never been published.

Irish World and American Industrial Liberator (New York, New York), April 15, 1899.