A Man Dies 0n the Train.

The body of a man was brought to Lafayette on the east-bound passenger train yesterday morning and turned over to the local authorities. The man died on the train, it is believed, between Rayne and this place. When the body was searched it was learned from papers that his name was pretended to be James Berna and that he had been working as a section hand at Welsh. Letters found on him gave the information that he was traveling under an assumed name and that he had been a fugitive from justice. The letters were written at North Warren, Pa., by his mother, sister and brother who made pathetic appeals to him to return home stating that all had been fixed and he would not be molested by the officers. His real name was Slaven as was inferred from the fact that his brother signed "J.F. Slavan." (sic) The man was apparently about 35 years of age. He was buried in Potter’s Field by the town.

The Lafayette (Louisiana) Gazette, August 20, 1898.