To the Editor of the Cincinnati Times:

A local item appeared in the Gazette, this morning, stating that there was a rumor that Mr. John Slevin had left the city. It was also stated that he had, for many years, been treasurer of the Cathedral. If there was any such rumor, which is not believed, there was not the slightest foundation for it in fact, as might easily have been ascertained had proper care been taken. Mr. Slevin has not been absent from his place of busines for months, and, yesterday, was there all day, until 6 o'clock in the evening, when be left for home, where he remained until he returned to his store at the usual hour, about 9 o'clock, this morning. It seems hard that such things should be published in a reputable paper, of a man who has been, for fifty years, an upright and industrious man in this community, at this time when he has been severely tried by accumulated troubles.

You will oblige us by inserting the above in your paper of this evening.

John P. Slevin, James L. Slevin.
Cincinnati, December 31,1875.

Cincinnati (Ohio) Daily Times, December 31, 1875.