A Disputed Will.

An old man named Bernard Slaven of Oskaloosa, Iowa, has just died at Keokuk, and there is considerable excitement regarding his will, which gives about three-quarters of his property, amounting to over $12,000, to the catholics, including a bequest of $2000 to a Catholic priest at Keokuk. Slaven was a Free Mason, and previous to his death reonounced the order and became a member of the Catholic church. The Masons contemplate contesting the will on the grounds that the testator was of unsound mind and under undue influence. At the time of his death he was in the charge of the Commisioners of Insanity, having manifested unquestionable signs of a deranged mind. If the case is as stated, the Masons will probably have the best of it. In any event the result will be a bitter contest between the representatives of the two bodies, which seem unfortuantely to come frequently into collision.

New Hampshire Sentinel (Keene, NH), August 27, 1874.