John Slavin, Patrick McDonnel and Bartholomew Ivory, stood indicted, that they in company with certain other evil disposed persons unknown, burglariously entered the dwelling house of Mr. Campbell, Britian-street, assaulted himself, wife, and servant maid, and feloniously and forcibly too from his person, one gold watch, chain and seals.

Mr. campbell deposed, that Mrs. Campbell and he, having spent the day out on the 8th of June last, returned home about nine o'clock at night; shortly after their entrance, the maid, hearing a single rap at the door, opened it. On which Ivory and several other rushed in, and after assualting himself and Mrs. Campbell (who came out into the hall on the alarm) demanded whatever money, &c. he had about him. He handed his watch to Ivory, who, with the rest, on some noise at the door, went out, and were apprehended, together with the other two prisoners at the bar on the spot.

Mr. Maine and a Mr. Stephens were called as further evidence to support the prosecution. The former swore that observing Ivory, as he was passing by, watchign opposite to Mr. Campbell's door, and suspecting him of mediating some bad purpose, he stopped to observe his further motions. Shortly after the prisoner(Ivory) repaired to the door, and on its being opened, with some force rushed in. Mr. Maine followed, and pushing in the door, seized Ivory, who presented a pistol to shot him. Mr. M. identified Ivory and Slavin. Mr. Stephens swore that on the affray he came up, and wrested a pistol (so we understood him) from Ivory. Mr. Stephens identified the remaining prisoner Macdonnel; on which the prosecution closed.

The prisoners, being called on for a defense, had nothing material to urge, or any witnesses to produce to their characters.

After an impressive charge, the Jury immediately found the prisonersw guilty.

They were sentenced to be executed on Saturday, the 31st instant. Saunders's News-Letter (Dublin, Ireland), August 26, 1799