Five Hundred Dollars Worth of Property Carried to a Plymouth Street Tenement -- Arrest of the Alleged Thieves.

On the 1st of May, Mrs. Varrick broke up her boardinghouse, situated at the southeast corner of Washington and Concord streets. Mr. Jacob B. Carroll, one of the boarders, went to reside temporarily at No. 144 Schermerhorn street, leaving a considerable quantity of furniture, pictures, clothing, etc., at his late boardinghouse, which remained unoccupied since the 1st of May. Yesterday morning, a number of women hailing from 91 Plymouth street, made a pilgrimage to the house, and having carefully surveyed the premises, succeeded in effecting an entrance by breaking in the rear window. They immediately set to work and with the assistance ot several small boys began to remove Mr. Carroll's property to No. 94 Plymouth street. They did not rest from their labors until they had laid bare the walls and floors, and thoroughly ransacked the bureaus and trunks. After this wholesale robbery they carefully locked the doors and repaired to their den in Plymouth street, where they set to work to distribute the stolen property, which amounted in value to over $500.

Intelligence of the robbery was announced to Captain Bourne last evening, and in a short time Sergeant Dunn, Detective Campbell, and Officer Wilson arrested Annie McCoy, Mary King, Bridget Sheridan, Jane Slaven, Mary Haven, and Catharine McGee, all of whon, it is alleged, were more or less active participators in the daring burglary. The stolen property was also recovered. The prisoners were taken before Justice Walsh this morning, and committed to jail pending the examination, which Will take place on Monday next. The women profess to have been laboring under the sweet delusion that Mr. Carroll had abandoned the property, and that they were entirely guiltless in appropriating it.

Brooklyn (New York) Daily Union, June 5, 1874.